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On Alimentary Crisis and Global Heat (A Responsiveness Policy)

Posted by Macanoly V.Q. on July 15, 2010 at 3:26 PM Comments comments (0)

After those unprecedented issues in Venezuela about the problem with the food on discomposition at PDVAL in Venezuela, has made me retake on the case about food threating which I have been following since 1998 strike in Seattle Washington, in this way, I have been finding out what other sources were used as mass weapon, and one of them can to be food, by that time there was a threating with wheat flour in USA, as in Asia there are frequently problems with tainted milk, and in some other cases medicine testing by food, but in Venezuela were more than 100 tons of food in discomposition , as perhaps it haven't been taken yet as an attempt against Human Rights it is still exposing millions of people of having health troubles or even death causes by food intoxication, as there were some tons of food brought to venezuelan governments stores for public sale before it is "completely discomposed".

Perhaps, there are other incidence factors on Food Threating, and it is simply about Global Heat in one way, and food dating related to transportation, in another one. In the pas most food have a long way expiration date that isn't following real food composition or climatic circumstances. Food should be preserve in hermetic containers to avoid light, humidity and heat incidence on food composition, in this way dry packaged food (beams, rice, spaghetti, oatmeal, bail, etc) can last for two years as those dates are pointed without the risk of growing insects (you don't see them yet, but bags seems to be picked) that can caused digestive problems. With Global heat increasement those can probably last in a safe way for as most a year. Sausages for about six months taking in this account the time it is going to spent at home refrigerator. Canned food for as long year and a half, depending on weather conditions, as with certain heat those can grow microscopy bacterias, even when the can are in oxidation process or bumped, it causes canned food discomposition, as well when expiration dates on containers are changing the ink color, it is a sign that food is getting discomposed. As well, packaged meat, pork, chiken and fish should have consideration on packing date, buying date and expiration date. Because after being frozen and taken to fridge, it start growing 'Unoffensive'(?) bacterias, and if taken back to be frozen those bacterias are kept. For that simple reason lasting time for those products isn't after unfrozen more than 4 months. Also, considering the time that spent in transportation is important to consider for food preservation, if we aren't sure if those are following safety preservation rules.

If unconcerned about what is happening about Alimentary Crisis, any other country can be the next Africa as appointed by certain unconcerned (and unconscious) individual opinion made.